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RYN is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that supports the career and advocacy goals of young thought leaders in the resilience space.
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We are a forum for students and early career professionals to connect and collaborate on ideas that advance a stronger, safer, more resilient future.
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“Develop the next generation of climate resilience leaders by connecting our members with resources, facilitating networks, and providing them opportunities for action.”

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Resilience is the ability of communities to withstand physical hazards,
maintain functionality, and adapt to rising risks.

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Upgrading the United States out of the “Gray” Age

In 1802, Congress created the United States Army Corp of Engineers. By the 20th Century, the Corp had taken on the responsibility of managing and improving flood control and navigation, notably constructing the world’s longest networks of levees along the Mississippi River after the disastrous flood of 1927.

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