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RYN is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that supports the career and advocacy goals of young thought leaders in the resilience space.

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We are a forum for students and early career professionals to connect and collaborate on ideas that advance a stronger, safer, more resilient future.

We empower our members to network with experts in climate adaptation and find careers that improve resilience in communities and the built environment.

Raise awareness of built environment disasters

Many homes, though built to code, are not safe. This wooden home in Union Beach, NJ was built in the middle of a floodplain. It was destroyed by the storm surge in Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Over 200 homes were damaged beyond repair in this community alone because of poor policy decisions and the use of weak and cheap building practices.

Promote action to equitably plan for natural risks

With the increasing frequency and severity of floods, wildfires, and extreme weather, the best way to adapt is with “green” rather than “gray” solutions where possible. Hunter’s Point Park in Long Island, NY is a tidal salt marsh that protects the shoreline from erosion and storm surge. It’s a center for recreation that doubles as a safe haven for wildlife.

Network and engage with sponsors & partners

Aris Papadopoulos, second from the left, chairs the Resilience Action Fund, a founding sponsor of the Resilience Youth Network. He was the first chair (2011-2013) of the UN International Strategy on Disaster Reduction (UN-ISDR) Private Sector Advisory Group.

Resilience is the ability of communities to withstand physical hazards, maintain functionality, and adapt to rising risks.

Member Publications and News

A Closer Look at Flooding and Financial Risk in Eastern North Carolina

Hurricane Impacts in Eastern North Carolina I threw the car in gear, racing through sheets of rain back to the music festival. I had left my friends asleep in their tents to attend a family wedding, and in my absence, Hurricane Matthew had descended. Everything – pillows, sleeping bags, clothing, food supply, festival-goers – was…

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